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Simple Tips to Upkeep Your Carpets

Holidays is all about full and frolic. Beaming activity, catching up with friends, family visits, lights, decorations, and lots of food; there is so much to look forward to. But all this hustle and bustle is often tarnished by unavoidable messes and subsequent cleaning. The fun and excitement vanes when stubborn stains, discolored upholstery and endless cleaning chores is all Continue Reading
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How to Clean Office Chairs

A clean workspace is not only important for the health of the employees but it also plays a great role in setting up the right image of a company. It leaves a great impression on the visitors and they think as highly of you as possible. In our office, we generally clean our desks, arrange the documents and wipe out Continue Reading
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Things to Check While Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

Cleanliness is an important aspect of our lives. Having clean and tidy premises is essential to lead happy and healthy lives. While most of us take care of our daily cleaning requirements, there are some specific occasions when hiring a professional comes out to the best. Few such situations are end of lease cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning, warehouse cleaning, Continue Reading
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What will you get if you hire professional cleaning services?

The world seems to be moving at a fast pace, and in such a scenario, keeping up with the tedious task of household cleaning is next to impossible. Even if you do, you might end up with crunched schedule and barely clean premises. Here professional cleaning services come to your rescue. Not only professional cleaners deliver you spic and span Continue Reading
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Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Bull18 Cleaners was set up with the single minded focus of providing top notch cleaning services in Melbourne and other major cities in Australia. Since inception, our company has grown by leaps and bounds by delighting scores of residential and commercial clients. As on date, we are a deeply entrenched company offering a vast array of cleaning services in Melbourne Continue Reading
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5 best tips to clean all hard to reach places of your home

This is perhaps a universal problem that has no definitive solution – accumulation of dust and dirt at all the hard to reach places in your home. While we don’t clean them every day, it can be cumbersome as well as time consuming to clean such places at a later date. Even if you try to stay away from it, Continue Reading
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Cleaning tasks before moving out

It is no less than a challenge for a business owner or a homeowner when it comes to moving from one place to another. There are a number of aspects which a person has to take care of when he plans to move to a new place so that all the things get transferred in a safe and efficient way. Continue Reading
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How to remove BBQ stains

Stains can be very messy sometimes and a person may feel completely helpless when it comes to removing some rigid stains. There are many instances when we all have to deal with such stains, if you are not able to cope up with the BBQ stains then this piece of writing can prove very helpful for you as you will Continue Reading
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