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Car Detailing

$49 Car Detailing

Exterior/Interior/Steam Clean

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In this busy and hectic life we spend nearly half of our life on wheels. Be it commuting for office work or travelling for pick-up and dropping kids, grocery shopping or simply being on wheels for a rejuvenating long drive, our car is indeed our best friend. It is thus prudent to keep it in tip-top shape, both externally and internally.

At Bull18 Cleaners, we provide the best in class car detailing services in Melbourne. We provide affordable and high quality services and help you maintain your car like new…for long.

To ensure that you get the best out of your car, we provide:

  • Exterior Detailing – This takes care of cleaning and restoration of the car’s outer finishing. Be it glossy painting or taking care of chrome trim, tires, windows or glasses, we help you get the required look. We use high quality cleaning and polishing agents that are car-safe and eco-friendly.
  • Interior Detailing – No one would want to step into a car that is dirty and smelly. We take utmost care to deep clean the entire interiors. Be it vacuum cleaning or removing stains from the car seats or de-odorizing the car interiors, we provide the perfect clean.

To know more about our car detailing services in Melbourne and Perth, just give us a call on 1300285518 or contact us via email.